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Burroughs Family Farms

Truly Raw Regenerative Organic Almonds

Truly Raw Regenerative Organic Almonds

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Our regenerative organic raw almonds are just that – truly raw! Unlike store-bought “raw” almonds that have been steam heated (organic) or treated with propylene oxide gas (non-organic), our raw almonds have never been treated. This means that none of their nutrient value has been depleted. They’re shelled and packaged in re-sealable bags to protect their delicate flavor and nutritional value. You taste only the nutty goodness of California sunshine. We like to keep ours in the freezer to preserve freshness.

We do everything we can to support Mother Nature in packing as many nutrients into our almonds as possible. Because they’re certified Regenerative Organic, you can be certain that they’re grown without harmful pesticides and without GMO’s. They’re never co-mingled with other almonds, so you can be sure of getting only the best from our family farm. 

Variety: Carmel

Crop Year: 2023

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