Five Generations of Family Farming

In 1894, Benjamin Burroughs traveled to California from Illinois to find his future in the milk business.  Little did he know that his great grandchildren would still be farming in the twenty-first century, producing and selling organic almonds, olive oil, milk, cheese, and grass-based eggs and meats.

One hundred years and five generations later, Ward and Rosie Burroughs and we, their grown-up children, continue our family’s farming tradition in the northern San Joaquin Valley near Yosemite National Park. What started out as a small dairy in 1906, is now a full circle collaboration of farms that are family-owned and operated by us kids. Burroughs Family Farms is our collaborative effort to offer hand-raised and sustainably-grown products directly to you while protecting soil and water for generations to come.

We invite you to learn more about our farms and purchase our foods directly, through this website. Our foods can also be found at area grocers and farmer’s markets or even picked up at the farm. We love knowing where and how our food is produced, and we hope you will, too.