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Burroughs Family Farms

Sponsor a Tree for Earth Day

Sponsor a Tree for Earth Day

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Join us in celebrating Earth Day and making a positive impact on our planet with our Earth Day Tree Donation! For just $100, you can sponsor a tree and contribute to our mission of planting 100 new trees on our farm to promote regenerative farming and environmental conservation.

Why Donate Trees?

Promote Sustainability: By sponsoring a tree, you're supporting regenerative farming practices and helping to create a healthier ecosystem on our farm.

Grow a Greener Future: Each tree planted contributes to the growth of majestic canopies, providing shade, habitat, and oxygen, while also mitigating carbon dioxide levels and combating climate change.

Make a Difference: Your donation goes directly towards our Earth Day Mission, allowing us to plant trees and spread awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship.

How It Works:

Select the number of trees you would like to donate.
Add the donation to your cart and proceed to checkout.
Your donation will be used to purchase trees for our Earth Day planting initiative.
Follow us on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our Earth Day activities!
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