Organic Whole Milk

Certified USDA OrganicReturning to our roots! Organic Cream-top Whole Milk from pasture raised cows.

Small Batch. VAT Pasteurized.
Non-Homogenized. Non-GMO.



Like the rest of our nutrient dense products – pastured eggs, olive oil, Grass to Gold cheese, almonds and almond butter – we think you’ll love our Organic Cream-Top Whole Milk, the newest offering from Burroughs Family Farms!

Our farming family tradition started in 1896 with Walnut Grove Creamery, and now we’re returning to our roots and excited to share our own brand of flavorful, rich milk direct to you!

Our milk is Vat Pasteurized, which means we are able to pasteurize our milk at low temperatures, retaining the milk’s original flavors and avoiding excessive processing.


Available in Half Gallon & Quart sizes at these fine stores:

  • Sigona’s Farmers Market
  • Cornucopia Natural Foods
  • Rainbow Grocery
  • El Cerrito Natural Grocery
  • Berkeley Natural Grocery
  • Lassens Natural Food and Vitamins
    • Bakersfield
    • Fresno
    • San Luis Obispo
    • Ventura
    • Thousand Oaks
    • La Brea Los Angeles
    • Los Feliz Los Angeles
    • Echo Park Los Angeles
  • Village Fresh Market
  • Taylor’s Market


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