Our Farms

Each of us Burroughs siblings owns and operates a farm that is jointly managed and interconnected with the others, employing organic and sustainable production practices and producing the highest quality foods possible. We each have our own farm vision, business plan, and agricultural specialty, yet we share many resources that benefit each other’s farms. We’re also business partners with our parents, Rosie and Ward, and we’re always grateful for their support and wisdom. Family owned and operated businesses come with their own set of challenges, and we’re fortunate to have the experience that our parents bring to us from the Burroughs farming history. Being just down the road from Rosie and Ward is a great thing for all of us, too!

Ward and Rose Marie


Burroughs Family Orchards (BFO) is a family partnership between Ward and Rose Marie Burroughs and their daughter, Benina Montes. Benina started farming almonds with her father on their farm in 2002. Over the last eight years, while managing both conventional and organic almonds, she has incorporated many sustainable agriculture practices.  In 2006 Benina started the transition to organic production for the almond acres. BFO diversified into organic olive production in 2010.  The first milled olives were done in 2012.  The oil is a blend of Arbequina, Arbosana and Gretchinina varieties.

Heriberto and Benina

Montes Family

Burroughs Family Farms (BFF) is a husband-wife partnership between Benina and her husband Heriberto Montes. In 2010, Heriberto and Benina transitioned into the management of the poultry operation from Full Circle Dairy.  They have grown to 8 egg mobiles, which are made from recycled cotton trailers. Our birds are raised on pasture with fresh air and plenty of exercise. Our flock consists of Rhode Island Reds, Red Star and Brown Layers. You can be assured that our eggs are nutrient dense in Vitamins A & D; vital for our body to perform at peak performance. There is nothing as tasty as an organic, pasture, free range, farm fresh egg – we hope you enjoy them as much as our family does! Heri and Benina have three children.

Zeb and Meridith: California Cloverleaf Farms


California Cloverleaf Farms (CCF) is a family partnership between Zeb and his wife Meridith, and his parents Ward and Rosie, which started in 2005.  CCF is a seasonal, organic, and grass based dairy. Together Zeb and Meridith manage the dairy operation and milk 550 Jersey and Jersey cross cows. California Cloverleaf Farms operates on 720 acres. Approximately 420 acres are divided up into three center pivot irrigation systems and the remaining 300 acres are dedicated to native pasture. Each of the three pivots is divided into 16 paddocks (with electric fence) that are further subdivided with temporary fence for grazing efficiency. The cows have access to water, numerous types of nutrient dense grasses and are rotated frequently to give rest to the soil and allow for forage regrowth. Heifers are raised and grazed here at home coinciding with nature’s optimal rhythm for birthing and calving. Our grazing operation requires that our cows travel to the barn each day for milking, thus keeping them fit and healthy. Our barn is open sided with curtains and is modeled after a style of dairies found often in New Zealand. Our milk is picked up daily and always delivered fresh!

Brian and Christina

Bylsma Family Full Circle Dairy (FCD) is a family partnership with Christina and her husband Brian Bylsma and her parents Ward and Rosie, which started in 1999. Full Circle Dairy is also a seasonal, grass-based dairy which milks 500 Jersey and Jersey cross cows. Together, Christina and Brian manage the dairy operations and have been organic since November 2007. Christina and Brian have two boys and two girls.