Grass to Gold™ Cheese (0.5lb)


4colorsealGIF-USDA-organic-seal-150pxGrass to Gold is an award-winning, grass-based, Gouda-style artisan cheese with extra-rich creaminess, sweet grassy flavors, a buttery texture and a slight note of caramel. It all starts with the milk of our grass-based organic dairy cows.

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We use only fresh, whole milk from our grass-based organic dairy cows, which results in a unique yellow colored cheese – a result of the naturally high levels of beta-carotene in the milk. The taste of our cheese reflects the diverse pastures and soils of our region and showcases our herd’s award-winning milk. Made by a local California cheese-maker of Dutch decent, our Grass-to-Gold cheese was awarded 5th place in the 2010 World Champion Cheese contest.

We do everything we can to support Mother Nature in packing as many nutrients into our cheese as possible. Because it’s certified organic, you can be certain that it’s produced WITHOUT harmful pesticides, artificial-hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s. Our cows like it that way, too.

Our secret ingredient

Managed with five generations of dairy farming wisdom, our grass-based dairy herds produce delicious, premium quality, certified organic milk on our farms in the San Joaquin Valley of central California. What we don’t use for our cheese, we sell through CROPP Cooperative under the Organic Valley brand.

We use management intensive grazing (MIG) to feed our dairy cattle while also enhancing soil health and producing nutrient-rich milk. Organic and grass-based dairy management most closely mimics nature and is considered to be the most humane form of dairy herd management. Organic milk from and pastured cows has been shown to contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated lineolic acid (CLA, “the good transfat”), and calcium.

Conservation on our farms

Ours is not the easiest way to produce milk and cheese, but we think it’s best for our cows, our land and for our family who lives and works here. Our grazing practices actually improve soil health, including its ability to hold precious moisture. We manage the waste from our dairy farms by composting and returning the nutrients to the soil in our pastures, orchards and groves.

We also use French drains to collect excess water and use it to irrigate the organic pastures that nourish our cows. All that, plus our hedgerows of native plants support biodiversity on our farms.

We do it for the future of our farms. For you, it’s deliciousness and more.

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