Gluten-Free Cornmeal Pancakes with Almond Butter and Apples


Breakfast food is good any time of the day. Take these pancakes for example. They’re simple enough to whip up in the morning when it’s a little earlier than you might like to be up. And, they’re filling enough to be eaten for lunch or dinner.


I’ve made cornmeal pancakes quite a few times before. I’ve written about different ways that I like to top them. Of course, they’re amazing just out of the skillet with nothing but maple syrup. But, I love to make a pancake breakfast (or lunch or dinner) into a hearty meal, so I like to add a bunch of toppings.

Today, I went with Burroughs Family Farms almond butter. If you haven’t tried it before, you are missing out… It’s seriously good stuff. (It would also be great on Stuffed French Toast, if you’re looking for another way to use it.) I thought that apples would be great with the almond butter (whatever fruit is in season will work: pears, persimmons, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries… they’d all be amazing, or if you’ve got some homemade Peach Sauce, that would be delicious too). Then for a bit of brightness, I added some lemon zest. Do this. So tasty!


The pancake basics come together pretty quickly. The dry ingredients are whisked together separately from the wet ones. The wet ones include a Burroughs Family Farm egg. Love the color of that yolk!


Everyone gets whisked together to make a not too thin, not too thick batter.


These are smaller pancakes (which is why I can eat the whole batch on my own if I’m not careful). Just 2-3 tablespoons of batter is all that you’ll need for each one.


They cook a bit quicker than regular pancakes too. They just need about one minute on each side.


And then they’re ready to be topped with that almond butter.

Go for it!


You can top each one with apples and stack ’em, or just arrange them on the plate. Then add some lemon zest, a squeeze of lemon, and some maple syrup. If you wanted to make this meal even better, you could add a fried egg on the side… because a fried egg makes pretty much any meal just that much yummier. ;)


Happy Eating!

Cornmeal Pancakes with Almond Butter and Apples
Serves: 2
  • 1 apple, chopped
  • 1 t lemon juice
  • ½ C cornmeal
  • ½ t baking soda
  • 1 t baking powder
  • pinch salt
  • 1 egg
  • ½ T maple syrup
  • 1 t coconut oil (plus more for cooking)
  • ¼ C buttermilk (or 1 T white vinegar and pour in milk to ¼ C, stir with a fork and let sit 5 min)
  • almond butter, for serving
  • lemon zest, for serving
  • maple syrup, for serving
  • lemon juice, for serving
  1. Toss apples with lemon juice. Set aside.
  2. Whisk together cornmeal through salt. In a separate bowl whisk egg through buttermilk. Add wet ingredients to dry. Stir to combine.
  3. Heat a skillet over medium-low heat. Add a bit of coconut oil. When oil is hot add about 2-3 T of the batter. Cook for about 1 minute on first side (or until bubbles appear and do not pop), then another minute (or less) on the second side. Cook in batches until all batter has been used.
  4. Serve topped with almond butter, apples, lemon zest, maple syrup, and lemon juice.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 4-5 small pancakes

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California Cold-Pressed Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oils With A New Culinary Twist


contact: Benina Montes | [email protected] | 209-874-9400

California Cold-Pressed Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oils With A New Culinary Twist [pdf link]

Organic flavor essences bring garlic, lemon, orange, and basil to the new certified organic EVOOs of Burroughs Family Farms.

DENAIR, CA – August 11, 2014 –Burroughs Family Farms today introduced four new organically flavored extra-virgin olive oils (EVOOs) to complement their original first coldpressed certified organic olive oil. The four new flavored varieties -featuring organic essences of garlic, lemon, orange, and basil -offer convenience and culinary inspiration to people seeking to enhance the flavor of their cooking without sacrificing quality or running to the store for another ingredient. They are available in 250mlbottles and can be purchased at select local retailers and online via

Olive oil consumption in the U.S. continues to grow, as people become more aware of its flavors, uses and health benefits. Long a staple of the Mediterranean diet, extra-virgin olive oil contains more blood-pressure-lowering monounsaturated fat (75%) than other cooking oils. It also contains stronger concentrations of phytonutrients (especially polyphenols) that have well known anti-inflamatory properties and it contains the antioxidents vitamin E and beta-carotene that support blood vessel health.

In culinary use, extra-virgin olive oil is best used in low to medium temperature applications such as dipping, salad dressings and light sautees where its delicate flavor profile can be appreciated without being heat damaged. Since dressings and sautees often call for other aromatic flavors, including garlic, citrus, and herbs, the creation of organically flavored oils seemed like a winning idea to Benina Montes, daughter of the eldest living farmers in the family, Ward and Rosie Burroughs.

“We’re excited to produce certified cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil in California, since 99% of the olive oil consumed by Americans is imported,” said Montes. “Just as California wines grew in stature and availability, we think locally produced olive oil will do the same thing, especially with people who want to buy foods directly from the farmers who grow them.”

# # #

Now in their fifth generation of farming, the Burroughs family produces and sells first cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) under the Burroughs Family Farms brand, along with a variety of other certified organic foods from their integrated farms in the San Joaquin Valley of central California. The Burroughs employ a wide variety of sustainable farming practices, not the least of which is organic production which prohibits the use of GMOs, antibiotics, and petrochemical pesticides. Together, their three California farms, managed by the children of Rosie and Ward Burroughs, produce organic milk, eggs, and meats from pastured organic livestock, plus almonds, olive oil, and cheese that’s made from the milk of their organic dairy herd. Burroughs Family Farms almonds, cheese, and olive oil can be purchased online at www.burroughsfamilyfarms.comfor direct shipment from the farm. The farms’ meats, eggs, and raw almonds can be ordered for pick-up on the farm and at the Merced and Fresno farmer’s markets, where their almonds, olive oil, and cheese are also sold. Their eggs are also sold at area grocery stores. Learn more at


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Zucchini Hot Dish using BFF eggs, evoo and cheese!

My grandma was one heck of a cook and baker!  She blessed us with the food and was good at keeping all the recipes.  One of my favorites she made was what she called Zucchini Hot Dish.  I decided to make it this afternoon because #1 I was craving it and #2 I had some squash I needed to use up.  Turns out this is a great recipe for using BFF’s products.  Ingredient list:

1 cup bisquick

1 cup rice (cooked)

3 cups zucchini (or any squash you can grate up)

5  eggs

1-2 green onions

2 TB oil

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

3 out of the 7 ingredients can/should be BFF products!  I used BFF eggs, BFF’s Grass to Gold Cheese, and BFF’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I also swapped out the bisquick for pamela’s baking and pancake mix since we eat gluten free.

What to do:

Whisk the eggs, add cooked rice, shredded zucchini, cheese, onion, bisquick (or other flour substitute), and oil.  I added some garlic salt to this as well.  mix well and put in a big pie pan.  I sprinkled more cheese on top.  Bake at 375 for 40-45 min. This is what it comes out like…


This was our dinner tonight.  Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Salad with BFF EVOO and 18 year Aged Balsamic Vinegar! with our Zucchini Hot Dish! Yum!!

BFF dinner

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as our family does!

Benina :)

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Summer Potluck!

The Burroughs Family would like to invite you to a Summer Potluck on the farm (east of Ballico) June 21.  We will eat starting at 6 pm but fill free to come as early as 4:30 depending on the heat.  One of our organically raised pastured turkeys will be slow roasted and the main attraction.  Depending on how many rsvp we may do some of our pastured pork ham!  We ask you to bring a dish you would like to share that has ingredients from within a 150 mile radius.  Cost is $5/person and kids under 12 are free.  We will provide basic drinks but if you want something special feel free to bring.  We look forward to a relaxing evening sharing a meal and special recipes.  Fill free to invite friends.  To rsvp please email [email protected] by June 17.  Location and directions will be provided then.

Looking forward to it!!


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Delicious Gluten Free Almonds Cookies

Gluten Free Almond Cookies

Hey! This is Benina :) I wanted to share this recipe we came up with for gluten free almond cookies.  My daughter Mariana (aged 3) really wants to help in the kitchen!  She loves “washing dishes” and putting groceries away and just being in the kitchen with me.  We have made different cookie recipes in the past but I wanted to come up with something that was nutrient dense and used our products :)  We use our organic almonds (produced locally in California) in lots of dishes but especially love using them to makes crusts for pies and cheesecakes.  Building upon that recipe we came up with this:

Starting with these ingredients:

Burroughs Family Farms Organic Raw Almonds

Burroughs Family Farms Organic Pastured Eggs

Organic Valley Butter

Organic Almond Extract

Pamelas Baking & Pancake Mix

Organic Sugar or Honey or Stevia


Gluten Free Almond cookie ingredients using Burroughs Family Farms organic almonds and eggs

Gluten Free Almond cookie ingredients using Burroughs Family Farms organic almonds and eggs

To start

Add 1 1/4 cup of almonds to the food processor.  Process until it looks like this

Burroughs Family Farms organic almonds ground

Burroughs Family Farms organic almonds ground

Then add 1/4 cup of Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix. Mix until incorporated.  Add the 1/2 stick of butter and mix until its worked in.  This is where your helper can “help” by turning machine on and off…

Burroughs Family Farms "helper"

Burroughs Family Farms “helper”

Add the rest of the ingredients

1/4 cup of sugar or honey

1 egg

1 tsp almond extract (add more if you like that flavor)

Process until it is all combined.  You can leave it like this or add 1/4 cup of raisins or chocolate chips.

We use a small cookie scoop and use a silpat mat.  This should make 1 dozen cookies.  We scoop them out and then add a whole almond to the top and press it in a little bit.  They should look like this


After they are done baking at 350 degrees for 15 minutes they should look like this

Gluten Free Cookies using Burroughs Family Farms organic almonds and eggs

Gluten Free Cookies using Burroughs Family Farms organic almonds and eggs

A closer view

Burroughs Family Farms gluten free cookie up close

Burroughs Family Farms gluten free cookie up close

These cookies are super delicious and very easy to make!  Enjoy baking!!



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Spring Farm Tours

This year we are hosting 2 spring tours.

April 12 @ 10am and April 19 @ 10am

Tickets are $10/adult.  Kids are free, though we ask that you limit kids you bring to 1 kid per adult.

Tour is a little under 2 hours.  Each ticket holder receives a half pound bag of almonds to take home after the tour.  The Burroughs Family Farms Store will be open for purchases, but if there is something special you would like to purchase please email your order prior to tour.

Ticket availability is limited, get yours today!

After making your payment via Paypal, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please call or email if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you at 10am on your ticket date.

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